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Mastectomy bras are the best choice for a breast form. They have pockets in the cups to hold the breast form and are cut wider under the arm and across the chest for full coverage. Fuller cut fashion bras are acceptable but do not provide as much security.

A lumpectomy preserves as much surrounding breast tissue as possible; however, removing the cancerous lump may cause a noticeable difference in size from the normal breast. A partial breast prosthesis will restore your natural balance and symmetry.

  • Supportive, adjustable straps assist in maintaining body posture
  • Wide sides for extra coverage
  • The wide underband keeps the bra securely in place
  • Discreet pockets keep prostheses secure
  • Possess deep cups and front for comfort, support, and extra coverage

You will be amazed at how life-like the prosthesis feels. The shape and softness are very much like natural breast tissue. You will be able to hug back with confidence.