Bra Calculator

Bra Size Calculator

We understand the challenges of buying the right bra online, so we have created this guide to help you measure your bra size accurately at home. We believe there is a bra for everybody, so if you’ve ever wondered, “What bra size am I?” use the handy bra calculator.



No, not every woman wears a size 36-C Bra. A woman’s breast size will vary over time; therefore, the best recommendation is to check your measurements yearly to ensure you wear the correct bra size.

You can quickly determine your body and cup size without using size charts. The bra calculator is available to use at your convenience. Using an essential measuring tape will suffice.

Determine your bra size in two simple measurements. Remember to measure yourself while wearing your best-fitting bra. Do not measure over the top of any clothes.



1. Measure your body size by placing the tape firmly under your bust. This measurement should be similar to the blouse size that you wear.
2. Measure your cup size by firmly placing the tape around your chest firmly (without squashing) at the fullest part of your bust.